Welcome to Trinity #StayPCUSA

Trinity #StayPCUSA is my voice advocating for staying in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  It is primarily addressed to Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, CA where I am a member but it is also addressed to anyone looking for more information as they discern their own future within our denomination.

In PC(USA) congregations where the session is recommending dismissal from the denomination those of us who believe otherwise can be left feeling alone and disconnected.  We are not alone though, it can just be hard to find each other.

Blogs like this, Twitter and other social media can help us connect across the denomination but also with members in our own congregations.  I encourage Twitter users to hashtag #StayPCUSA and to post your own thoughts or links to helpful resources.  There may be thunder but the sky is not falling in the PC(USA).

While I am sorting through ideas and outlining blog posts to come please visit the ABOUT page as well as the different RESOURCE pages available on this blog.

If you’re looking for a place to start let me offer two suggestions.  The first is a presentation made by our Presbytery Pastor Steve Yamaguchi to Trinity titled Is the PCUSA Burning Down?.  The video is short and gets right to he heart of some of the most troubling concerns being raised about the PC(USA).  If you have more time I also recommend Dr. Jerry Andrews’ scholarly video, Essential Tenets.  Dr. Andrews graciously articulates both the evangelical desire for clearly defined essential tenets as well as his own commitment to staying in the PC(USA).  These are great places to start.

Eric Christiansen


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